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30k sat it will never go down to that price again. In case you are a daytrader, you might want to reconsider daytrading as you will likely get taken advantage of by other daytraders if you have to ask for prices. 35 ANS withdrawal fee meaning you would get 1 ANS/NEO in your wallet. I have moved my Antshares coins to Android wallet. In case you set your buy price too low, you might risk not being able to buy it all. You only need to make a new backup when you add new private keys to your wallet. This would then likely be negotiated per node. The project is based in China and was originally launched in 2014 as AntShares. Initially however it likely will be in their interest to charge minimal fees for optimal network growth. Yes, because this a coin many want which is why it is up an impressive 30% in the last week while most other coins are down 30%. If you always just use the same address already in your backed up wallet tou dont need to make a new backup.

Any idea why with a window wallet open 24h and with 11000 ANS i get just 2,5 to 3 ANC per day. Yes, I will be dreaming Maraofacoma panic dumping because he held ANS too long and did not take profit at all. It is still exactly the same thing whether it is called ANS or NEO. I wish I hasn t decide to sell at 500k sat because now crypto is in downtrend and even good coin is better to sell. [ANN][rICO]Antshares Blockchain Mainnet is ONLINE mac wallet antshares. BitShares - Your share in the Decentralized Exchange Built using the latest in industry research, BitShares 2. This means trading NEO at Binance is free for the time being. If it did it would not be worth buying because only a critical code issue would cause that price drop  and as companies like Alibaba are using the Tech developed by ANTSHARES I doubt there is  Keep dreaming. The exception is where you create wallets with key words. --------------------------------------------------------------------- offline wallet. It seems like a long wait until Antcoins will be used by anyone.

Antshares is essentially ETH for China, since China always like to support it s home grown products it has a great future. If you are an investor, you should be able to trust in the fundamentals or not invest at all in case you do not trust the fundamentals. I made huuuuge profits on this and I will buy back your tears.Binance Coin.
. Binance also indicated that it will add ANC is there is a lot for demand for it, but it will not do so just yet. 35 ANS/NEO assuming Bittrex still has a 0. In the long run all NEO holders should receive dividends derived from transaction fees on the network (separate from the ANC/GAS generation over the 22 years). From what I understood though Binance intends to charge a fee of 0. It could be that the bookkeeping nodes will in turn hand over a certain amount of those extra profits to those NEO holders who voted for those bookkeeping nodes. Made a backup from my wallet and restored it and it worked perfect mac wallet antshares. Never buy something in which you do not believe yourself as an investor. .


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